Business analytics

We focus our expertise in advanced analytics on the continuous improvement of your processes.


We provide advanced analytics solutions to understand the needs of your business, answering the question “What’s happening?”, and thereby influencing the outcomes of your future processes.


Combine your data with statistics and answer the question “Why?”, we establish evaluations that will help your business processes to forecast future results and trends with a high level of effectiveness.

Does your data need to be heard ?

Provide your team members with tools that enable them to visualize data smoothly and in detail.

We use intelligent tools that allow you to take your data to the next level

With our data visualization services we can represent your information in a more intuitive and effective way, make decisions with much more confidence using intelligent analysis in real time.

Big Data architecture

Architecture designed to manage the ingestion, processing and analysis of your data.

Data architecture

Data discovery and ingestion

Data Lake Design

Data lake implementtation

Data stream processing

Implementation of
data solutions

Artificial intelligence

Image processing

Image recognition

The convolutional neural network is designed to work with inputs of more than one dimension, such as images. Its main objective is to extract high-level information from images in order to classify them into certain states, in our case seven.

Phase 1: Face detection

Phase 2: Detect KeyPoints

Phase 3: Detecting emotion

Stage 4: Classification







Document processing

Document intelligence

Recognise and extract by means of supervised learning algorithms the manuscript text contained in a handwritten text contained in an image with extension

Document intelligence


Automation Anywhere IQBot

UIPath Document Understanding

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Staff augmentation

Get qualified IT staff for your organisation…

Software engineering

We create scalable technological tools for your business…

Robotic Process Automation

Get extra hands with our RPA services…

Process mining

Increase the capacity of your processes through analytics…