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Angular as Framework



May 10, 2024

Like all frameworks, it is a framework that contains libraries that ease the development of mobile, web and others applications. Angular was born with the AngularJS version, has been evolving and is currently in version 11.

A year and a half ago I started learning this technology and the learning curve has been great, with the advantage I already handled JAVA object oriented programming language, very similar to the Typescripts syntax, which is the one that is mostly handled in Angular.

One recommendation that I have always given to those who are learning, is to search in several places the same question. Google gives many results when making a search, the ideal is to look at each page, link by link, look at how many ways you can solve the same problem, so you learn more and implement the one that seems easier.

Benefits of using Angular

You save time. When you start thinking about how to create a web application, you have to take decisions. For example: application architecture, its organization, others. Angular already does this for you, so you can focus on important things, like the functionalities of your web application.

Use TypeScript Language. Documentation is more consistent the Syntax and the way to read the information codes is always the same

It makes it possible to exchange or add programmers to projects. Any Angular programmer can read the code written by another Angular programmer and understand it quickly. This is a great advantage when working as a team or taking up unfinished projects.

It uses web components. A web component is a portion of code that can be reused in other projects made with Angular. In addition, they are easy to convert into native web components, so they can be used again in other types of applications.

The future is stable. With JavaScript changes are often made and it is very complicated to learn all the new things that are coming up. With Angular, there are usually far fewer changes than with JavaScript.

Applications are easy to maintain. By using Typescripts, any changes that need to be made to the application can be done quickly and without error.

Consume real Api and Accelerate your Learning in Angular

With https://reqres.in  you can test the screens or graphic interfaces made in the Front. This service offers answers in JSON format, which you can show, for example:

A good practice is always to represent the response data of the BackEnd, in a data model that angular can manipulate, for that the interfaces are used, so:

We make the consumption of the service, injecting the Http Client service in the class constructor and we execute the GET method creating a method called loadData that when subscribing, saves the data in the variable data:

The corresponding HTML code list the users:

  • Michael Lawson
  • Lindsay Ferguson
  • Tobias Fields
  • George Edwards
  • Rachel Edwards
  • Rachel Howell
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