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Andres Arias

It makes me happy Work, out, food and books, my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is Gnocchis

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New social d-ife

image blog entry new social d-ife

This year has been a real challenge for the social ones, the ones that use to call friends; hangout mostly every day, the travel planners, the ones that start a party even inside a metro station, the ones who love to have physical contact, for those, this year has been a real struggle.But just for them? Not quite sure of that, I mean, families need to see them, to share time with the oldest but with the youngest too. If we deeply think about it, even if you used to be a no-social person, surely you miss your working partner, the guy that used to sell mangos outside the office, the girl...

Virtual or physical offices ?

image blog entry virtual of physical offices

At the beginning of this year, normality on going to “office” was the day to day for a lot of workers and employers around the world. Taking the bus, getting into a cab, sharing a car, using metro, riding bicycle or just walking…that was the daily routine of millions and nobody could imagine what was coming nextBut recently, in the last couple of years, the concept of “office” has been changing, new words appear in our language and demands, such as “home office”, “flexible hours”, “remote works” and others, words and new styles of how and where to work. Big and small companies understood...