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The art of living


We are alive to live, to make ourselves, to fulfill ourselves, to give of each one of us all that we can give, because in this way we will have all that we can receive.

Today I remember when Caro de Mercadeo invited me to write our first blog, and then by chance and almost as a premonition, I shared with you a text called, Who said fear of change, and wham! once published, we came up with a myriad of them, changes everywhere that fortunately we have managed to overcome. However, we still have the other component, which is the one we must overcome. And the fact is that little by little, slowly but surely, as the song says, it was installed in our daily life: it introduced changes in language, modified our behaviors, possibly fed our dreams and, in any case, took over our thoughts. Who is the invader? What is this element that contaminates everything? It is fear. An old acquaintance of mankind that in the remote past represented an effective ally to face dangers and survive as a species, but that nowadays, and in the face of the new demands we face, has become an obstacle, a force contrary to the intelligence and courage necessary to guide our decisions within the complex panorama of the new reality.

This fear that has taken hold of individual and collective thought, fed every day by devastating figures and constant voices that repeat every moment the details of the tragedy, has installed as a “fashion” a passive attitude towards life, a positioning oneself as a victim before uncertainty and the daily challenges of reality, a letting the hours pass without any emotion or purpose, an error in thinking that distances us from creativity and joy and places us in a pitiful corner from where life lacks colors and motivations. We thus embark on a painful return to the caves, that cold and dark place from where terror is nurtured before the new, where the different is always seen as dangerous, where no one wants to dare to tread new paths for fear of being devoured, and, from there, from that corner, frightened and prejudiced, we begin to demand from life, the state, society and the gods, But it is precisely there, in the mistake of passing from action to passive waiting, passing from the verb to give and settling in asking, is where it becomes urgent to light the fire and take up again as the ancient stoics the “duty to live”, the primary impulse that dwells within each one and that must detonate in gratitude and constant amazement at the miracle of being alive.

We are going through a megacomplex time, it is not the time to hide and wait for magic solutions, the important thing is to live fully and light the flame in others, having as a fundamental principle the understanding of the difference, each person is a world, a paradox, a miracle, that is why the philosopher from Envigado, Fernando Gonzalez Ochoa told us:

Each individual has his or her own rhythm for walking, working and loving. Undoubtedly when a man and a woman are attracted to each other, it is verified by their rhythms; it is because together they are very important for the economy of the universe. Men could be qualified by their rhythms

Let us then LIVE, to be free and happy in the face of uncertainty, let us not return frightened to the cave, let us continue advancing towards the light of intelligence and amazement, we are all different, but each one of us should aspire to be the maximum we can be with our conditions and circumstances; in that way we will give back to life all that we have received from it. Perhaps the art of living is about living in harmony with the nature to which we belong, it is about living this life, without complexes, without imposed fears; that is the question.

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