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Adriana Montes

I like to learn, to know new places and people, my favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is seafood

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🎈 Aniversario #23 Familia PersonalSoft

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¡Uno más, uno no son dos, son mil veces uno!¡Crisis!, ¡Incertidumbre!, ¡Epidemia mortal!, ¡La humanidad toca fondo!, ¡Se acerca el fin del mundo!, ¡El planeta se torna inhabitable!, ¡La civilización occidental es insostenible!... Estos son algunos de los titulares noticiosos e inicios de los discursos y sermones más repetidos en el mundo en los últimos 40 años. Cientos de “informadores y formadores de opinión”, así como religiones y partidos políticos de toda índole, dedican sus esfuerzos y recursos a pregonar el fracaso de la especie, el fin del sistema, la gran maldad humana; pero, a...

The art of living

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We are alive to live, to make ourselves, to fulfill ourselves, to give of each one of us all that we can give, because in this way we will have all that we can receive. Today I remember when Caro de Mercadeo invited me to write our first blog, and then by chance and almost as a premonition, I shared with you a text called, Who said fear of change, and wham! once published, we came up with a myriad of them, changes everywhere that fortunately we have managed to overcome. However, we still have the other component, which is the one we must overcome. And the fact is that little by little,...

Who said fear of change !

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We live in an era of social and political changes that are both cause and effect of a state of astonishment, uncertainty and insecurity among people. At their origin are fears about the future of the economy and employment in a context of accelerated technological progress, in addition to the ecological crisis, migrations and the constant flow of information that, between truths and lies, unscrupulously play with our emotional stabilityFrom a psychological perspective, most of us like to have our lives under control and without excessive shocks, the more predictable the better; but the...