Combined capabilities for value proposition

Process modeling:


Quality management

Tqm, re-engineering


Lean Six Sigma (Deseable).

Data mining:

  • Decision trees
  • Heuristic Models
  • Stochastic networks and markov chains

Maching learning:

  • Logistic regression
  • Random forest
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM)
  • Clasificación supervisada: Naïve Bayes, SVM.

What is Process Mining?

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From the strategic point of view

Process (PEX) and operational (OPEX) excellence in organizations.

From the operational side

  • An area of study that strives to optimize business results.
  • Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your critical workflows

Smart Process Services

Task Mining


  • Automatic Task Discovery for Improvement Opportunities.
  • Simplification of the operation at the task level.
  • Formulación de posibles automatizaciones.

MMP-V (Minimum Viable Process Improvement)


  • Intervention of a single process, to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Event Log analysis and specification.
  • Creation of EventLog for the process.
  • Batch data analysis.

Intelligent Process Improvement


  • Continuous improvement scaled across the organization, linked to business objectives and priorities.
  • Acquisition and implementation of an Enterprise Process Mining Platform.
  • Continuous discovery of improvement opportunities, in line with information systems (Continuous data extractions and EventLog).

Simulation & Optimization


  • Tailored data studies that enable simulation and optimization of business process improvement decisions.

Analysis deliverables

Common path, use of resources, time per activity, time between activities, bottlenecks, repetitive tasks, etc.

Comparison of execution between processes Identification of friction between processes conformity and compliance
compliance (ANS)

ML formulation and training for simulation and optimization.

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