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The art of painting life



May 10, 2024

There is a 24-hour-a-day canvas that we all have and that stretches on indefinitely. For some it will be short and insufficient, for others it will be too long, and some will simply reach the end of their strokes without even realizing it.

The art of painting life We are all born with the ability to paint a spectacular work every day and to have an exuberant collection in the twilight of our lives, or not… Perhaps some do not see the end of the canvas and feel that there is still enough time and that there is no rush to begin to give the first brushstrokes; but, have you ever wondered, why is it necessary to wait to start painting a wonderful picture, to paint a smile on any face, to leave evidence of something fantastic…?

Many painters have taken advantage of their canvases in extraordinary ways and have left us beautiful paintings of apples that fall due to strange forces, of numbers that are added to the previous one, of relativistic theories, of paintings of symphonies that were never finished… and a great quantity of works that reflect that magnificent artistic capacity that we have within the reach of a brush, but that unfortunately we let escape like water through our fingers.

We have all seen someone else’s art at some point with pleasure, some perhaps with a certain disdain when comparing it with their own works, but when thinking about this, it is important to consider that, instead of disdaining the creations of others, it is more fruitful to use our pigments to start creating our great masterpiece, or one of the many that at the end of our lives will be the legacy for future generations.

Regardless of the type of canvas that we have been given, the type of brush, the type of palette, the conditions with which we arrive in this world, the environment that surrounds us. It depends solely on us to find a path among all the sketches that flood us daily and feed it one stroke at a time, with a brushstroke each day, with a touch of the spatula that will bring us closer to that longed-for sensation of living with purpose. , fully, and later as we look back on the canvas we will discover that that first stroke was really the hardest part in this wonderful art of painting from life.

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