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A leap into the cloud



May 10, 2024

Innovate and reinvent ourselves are two terms that become more relevant everyday, especially in the globalized and technological world in which we live, we are immersed in the era of digitization, we practically breathe technology, being at the forefront involves existing in the cloud and I do not mean “daydreaming” or as we commonly say, “live in the clouds”, but to project our systems to work based on cloud architectures, to migrate organizational operations to the cloud infrastructure and therefore to profile our businesses, giving them a plus by acquiring knowledge and certifying us in cloud issues.       

This is how my experience in this field began, being a Systems Engineer with a successful career, the time came when I decided to take a different approach, out of my comfort zone and, to my fortune, I had the honor of being selected to be part of the AWS Re/Start program, an alliance between Amazon Web Services and the Agency for Employment and Business Development of Compensar, where for 13 weeks I was fully immersed in the AWS cloud, exploring through practical laboratories and a very complete content. It’s in that immersion where I confirmed what would be the next step in my career, I chose to become a Cloud Solutions Architect, managing to contribute ideas that revolutionize the way of doing things, contributing to provide digital and self-managed experiences to customers, proposing and designing architectures that impulse the evolution of companies and their applications

And it is precisely Cloud Architecture, the path that opened the doors for me at PersonalSoft, a company that has pleasantly surprised me, with which I identify myself for its interest in the integral growth of its employees, in addition to its values: excellence, respect, integrity, commitment and trust that represent very important pillars for me, not only at a professional level but also at a personal level. It is the beginning of a stage with significant challenges that allow me to develop my full potential, acquire new knowledge and contribute from my experience to create solutions focused on clean and evolutionary architectures.

This is how every day I fall more in love with my profession because it is so versatile that from the different fronts of action, allows constant learning, with multiple facets that converge in a common point: innovation in and from technology, with a dynamism that combines curiosity to explore new paradigms and excitement to be an active part in the design, development and implementation of solutions that positively impact our environment.

It is very satisfying to be part of the women who participate in the world of technology, who enjoy and are passionate about what we do from our daily roles, contributing to consolidate a more balanced society, offering growth opportunities to future generations and opening new paths to reduce the gender gap, inspiring other women to see in technology a fascinating universe where they can navigate without limits and be in permanent contact with the adaptation to change, because undoubtedly the speed with which the world is innovating is a challenge that brings the fourth industrial revolution.

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