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A message from nature !



May 10, 2024

These days our lives go by in a different way, with a bit of uncertainty about how this situation will change the way we live. Surely the day we can return to our offices will be a day of great joy, to see our colleagues and friends again, to share that coffee again; it is a longed-for day.

My invitation in this note is to reflect on the message that nature gives us.

To enjoy the simplest things, to take care of the resources that nature gives us, to value our family, friends and colleagues.

I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you for your commitment, for your understanding of the current situation, for your patience in waiting for your requirements to be met; this is a clear sign that we are one big family and that by being united we can do great things.

My special thanks to our clients who continue their projects with us and to those who due to force majeure circumstances had to temporarily suspend their projects, we will meet again soon.

The company is in a very good situation so far, however, daily in the management group we are analyzing different issues: human talent, customers, financial situation, among others, as the current situation is giving us a variety of situations every day and we must analyze the impact this can generate, not only to PersonalSoft but to our environment.

Today more than ever we must be united, abide by the recommendations given to us by the authorities, let’s be part of the solution.

Much admiration and recognition to our governors who every day are facing different issues and making decisions that affect us all, seeking the welfare and the least impact on health and the economy; to the people of the health sector, risking their own lives for the sake of that oath they took to safeguard life, to the authorities, messengers, security personnel, in short, to that large number of people who are working and risking their own lives to take care of us; our infinite gratitude.

Let us not lose faith, every day is a new challenge, let us move forward, together we will mitigate the risk we are facing today. We will come out of this stronger and more united and valuing much more what we have.

Let us listen to Nature and may this allow us to love much more this gift called earth.

On behalf of myself and the Management Group, a big hug to all of you and may GOD continue to bless us.

See you soon.

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