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In 22 years we have not stopped, we have been transformed



May 10, 2024

Throughout these years transformation has always been in our essence and now more, where the paradigms of a reality that accompanied us for +21 years were broken, today in the framework of a new anniversary, where “Dailys” accompanied by a good coffee became virtual sessions with the unexpected of connectivity, but always keeping in each session PersonalSoft family DNA. We were born 22 years ago in Medellin, Colombia. A world-class benchmark region, known as one of the most innovative cities in Latin America, which drives us to maintain our purpose: Be partners of companies digital transformation, aligned with the idea of not being a traditional service provider company, but rather being an ally, the partner who understands the needs of customers and always gives its best, it is not only our brand promise, we actually live and vibrate with our clients goals !

We are a team of +450 Softers, we are proud to be part of history

we have experienced challenges and changes that fill us with enthusiasm, joy and desire to reinvent ourselves so as not to stop and see the horizons beyond what has been achieved.

Betting on new markets development and always being current in such a dynamic industry is one of the biggest challenges we face, but every day we learn to reinvent and transform ourselves, overcoming each obstacle with dedication, managing our team’s knowledge.

Great companies support us, they have believed in us over the years and we feel fortunate to have them as allies, they inspire us to continue working with the greatest commitment and to work each day to be and give our best.

22 years  and counting !

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