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Make Your Code Fly! A Journey through the World of DevOps!



Abril, 4 2024

¿Qué es DevOps? 

Imagina que estás construyendo un castillo de arena, DevOps es como tener un equipo de amigos que no solo te ayuda a construir el castillo, sino que también te ayuda a repararlo rápidamente si algo va mal y a hacerlo cada vez más grande y mejor. En el mundo real, esos amigos son una combinación.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Pretend you have a bunch of sand buckets (your code updates) ready to add to your castle. You don’t want to add them all at once in case some don’t fit well and destabilize your castle. Instead, you want to add one bucket at a time, check that everything is okay, and then add the next one. That’s what we call continuous integration (CI). Now, imagine that you can make those sand buckets automatically arrive at the castle once they are ready, that’s what we call continuous delivery (CD).


Infrastructure as Code

Think of a drawing you have made of your sandcastle. This drawing shows you exactly how the castle should look and where each sand bucket should go. In the world of DevOps, that drawing is what we call “infrastructure as code” (IaC). It allows us to describe how our system should be and then use tools to build it automatically, just as we drew it.

Monitoring and Logging

If something goes wrong with your castle, you need to know as quickly as possible, so you can fix it. That’s what we do with monitoring and logging. It’s like having security cameras and a logbook for your castle. If a wall falls or if a crab tries to make a hole, you’ll know about it right away!

Containers and Docker

Finally, imagine that every sand bucket you add to your castle come into its own little box that keeps it safe and in the right shape. These boxes are like containers in DevOps. Docker is a tool we use to create and manage these boxes, making sure that every part of your code arrives safely and in the right shape to your software castle.

So this is how with DevOps, we can build up our software projects like incredible, robust sandcastles, always ready to grow.

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