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New social d-ife



May 10, 2024

This year has been a real challenge for the social ones, the ones that use to call friends; hangout mostly every day, the travel planners, the ones that start a party even inside a metro station, the ones who love to have physical contact, for those, this year has been a real struggle.

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But just for them? Not quite sure of that, I mean, families need to see them, to share time with the oldest but with the youngest too. If we deeply think about it, even if you used to be a no-social person, surely you miss your working partner, the guy that used to sell mangos outside the office, the girl that used to sell your metro/bus ticket, or just the guy that used to be in the box office of your current supermarket.

We all miss, at least, someone of our “last” life. And that is normal, we are asocial “animal”, imagine the world without any kind of social interaction, we will be in the same point we are now? Most important, would you ever think about developing applications that let us connect with people all around the world with just one click?

A time for analyze and understand what phones and laptops are giving us, in many aspects, even the way we see and understand the world, the new social life, or better said, “new social digital life” or “d-ife” is what we are facing right now, the space here is open for everyone, if you think about this tech advances are not quite far from what used to be our social interactions, previously you decided if you want to be social or not, was your choice, but now, in the digital era, are we far from that? Surely not, actually the digitalization let you be whoever you want to, if gives you freedom and the more it advances, the better tools each of us will have to be who we want to even social or not that social at all.

I think this is a really honor moment for this industry, the IT industry, the one that has been criticized for it fails, for the human job replacement (which is far away of that reality), that one that even some countries have decided to ban and stop…the same industry that let us read this article in our laptops, change of window and open any newspaper on the world, just a couple of clicks and you can start the movie you want to, the same one that let us shop our favorite songs, clothes or even the grocery we need at home, the same industry that gave us the opportunity to keep seeing our couple, family and friend while we still at home.

What happens after this? Surely IT companies will increase in number, the world needs more professionals in this area, new jobs will appear on the market, new roles and requirements, but mostly important, the digital era will be part of our daily social life, in more affordable, easy and friendly ways. The digitalization arrives to stay with us, to show us that anyone could be see, hear or contact by just a single click, to prove that now, as a race, we are connected more than ever, that there are no limits or borders for human help and interaction, to show us that “my problem” will be now “our problem” because as a single community, connected in lot of aspects, we will start looking now for world solutions.

I think this 22 years of Personal Soft have more meaning than others, the aim of companies like this one, is to bring technology wherever is needed, to be leaders of this digital transformation in favor of human interactions and life. This is the moment companies like PersonalSoft are built for, to show that human capacity is above the most unimaginable problems that we as a race could afford. It’s true that at the very beginning things looked hard to imagine or understand, but we keep and we are still here giving our best, trying to be part of this accelerated transformation no one was ready for.

thanks to all those developers that believe in technology advances that help the human race, that work day to day waiting for a new line of code that will improve human interactions, for those that keep learning to be in front of the new challenges that humanity will face soon. This is your day too, thanks for being part of this community, of this family

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