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Society in times of crisis



May 10, 2024

One of the words that has always accompanied us is evolution, we are beings that are in constant transformation; Since the beginning of time we have learned to adapt to the new situations we face, today in the XXI century, year 2020, we are facing one of the pandemics that has most affected the world economy, which has generated psychological alterations, increased problems of depression, anxiety, famine, poverty, intrafamily abuse, evidenced the poor access to the internet and technological devices, has shown that only a small percentage was really living that “digital transformation” of which so much was said and finally, clearly the most important all the health affectations that Covid 19 has had on the world.

As Aristotle (384-322, B.C.) said, 

Man is a naturally sociable being

Today, hundreds of years later, at a time when we are facing one of the most exponential crises in recent times, we affirm once again what this philosopher said; now engineers, psychologists, health personnel, security personnel and others, are taking a really priority role in the sustainability of countries from the smallest to the largest, we are observing the drastic change we are having in socialization, it is no longer a face to face interaction or in a social meeting, now it is done in a large percentage via telephone, chat, video call and other virtual media.

But what about engineers in these times of crisis due to Coronavirus? I consider that they are being one of the least affected populations in this situation, from my perspective and from what I have been able to observe in these few years, in which hundreds of engineers have passed through my office presenting interviews and selection processes, mainly because of their type of interrelation, given that in spite of being social beings, they have also learned to interact with others through machines, they have also learned to interact with others through machines and who better than engineers to live this situation for which they were already adapted a long time ago, what better time to demonstrate that all that time of unattainable struggle to prove that working from home was as productive as working from the office or even more.

If we sit down to evaluate the whole picture and ourselves, we can realize that our introversion has been a great asset, that we have learned to live and relate effectively through a machine and although there are days of stress, anxiety, work overload, where I suddenly have to get up from my job because I start having strange thoughts, my hands sweat, I keep moving my leg under the table, I bite my nails, I feel nauseous or feel irrational and unfounded fear.

We are probably going through a situation of anxiety that can happen to anyone at any given time, it is really something usual for the situation we are in, we are worried about losing our jobs, losing our loved ones, we want to go out to resume the day to day, last a few hours in traffic to get home and feel that everything is back to normal, go to the mall with a crowd of people waiting for a table to have lunch on the weekend at the food court.

To be frank, I think this is a great opportunity to take a break, to investigate ourselves,

How was society so far removed from humanity ?

a world and a country that is in a constant state of crisis “a word that today pretends to frame reality above others, that is imposed and repeated ad nauseam to try to define the times we live in, a word that is accompanied by a set of measures, justifications and actions, even emotions that are determinant or that pretend to be determinant of everything that happens” (Fouse, 2018).

I quote the previous words, so that we notice that we are not only in crisis at this moment, we have been in crisis for some centuries, not to say according to my perspective that all humanity has lived in crisis throughout its development, because this criticality is what generates the changes, which allows to transform and migrate the world, this is an opportunity for a change, not only at a global level, but a personal change, to analyze my way of living, of thinking, of interacting with others, of taking care of the environment, of not living of the massiveness, if you have been a month or a little more without leaving home and you still feel your normal life, you are noticing that the “living in society” was transformed, the real

Digital Transformation


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