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Technological adaptation: a necessity in today’s world



May 10, 2024

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The computer, which since its origins around 1936, remains an essential tool for human activities (work, study, entertainment …), an instrument that, connected to the network, is a complement to bring us closer and allow us to develop in the current situation that has forced us to adapt to a situation that we did not expect.

Thanks to the different existing technological tools, such as the computer, the cell phone and e-mail, we have a support for communication, not only business but also personal to manage issues at any time; as Gates B. (1996) states in the article “E-mail enables multitasking”. (1996) in the article “E-mail allows multitasking”

E-mail has provided me with the flexibility that allows me to do many types of activities from virtually anywhere.

In accordance with the above, and taking into account our commitment to fulfill the different roles that have been united in the same focus (home), we have managed through constant adaptation and responsibility to give continuity to our life, which supported by virtuality we share spaces in real time

Thanks also to artificial intelligence and the cloud, communication in the business environment is diversified, achieving confidence in the consumer; complementing, with the phrase and as mentioned by Cano C. (2.007) in his article SHUMPETER and coffee

In the long run, every business, regardless of its strength or size, is doomed to collapse if it fails to innovate, which is the same as reinventing itself.

However, the impact of adaptive circumstances in any era can be reflected in technological advances such as the press during the Black Death, radio and GPS during the 2nd World War, tracking and RFID during the Cold War, WIFI-Bluetooth, which is currently being fundamental to allow connection and communication in these times where continuity of daily activities is a challenge.

Nowadays, connectivity has allowed, on the one hand, isolation to generate a decrease in the number of contagions, it has also allowed the economy to seek new alternatives such as E-commerce, through different applications and platforms it has transformed the purchase and sale of products as well as the distribution chain, and why not say it, it has also improved the quality of life in terms of time.

Finally, the pandemic created the need to change habits, as well as accelerated the use of state-of-the-art technology (telematics…), bringing to society work, study and other tasks that would have seriously affected household income without them.

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