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Time optimization for devs



May 10, 2024

What is optimization?

Optimization is the process of making something as effective or functional as possible. It involves finding the best solution or the best outcome among a set of alternatives, given certain constraints and objectives.

In simple words, it’s just saving time, and remember time is the precious resource in the world.

The master key

Let me introduce you to NeoVim, a highly customizable, extensible text editor that is based on the popular Vim text editor. It aims to improve upon Vim by providing better performance, modern features, and enhanced extensibility. NeoVim retains the powerful modal editing capabilities and efficient keyboard shortcuts of Vim while adding new features and improvements. Neovim in 100 seconds.

With it you will save tons of time, maybe at the beginning could be a little head-aching but it’s totally worth it, It’s guaranteed to Learn more.

Where do I start on my current text editor?

Most of the text editors have extensions,  of course in the favorites Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and IntelliJ IDEA, there are extensions available that aim to bring Vim-like keybindings and motions to the editors; these are vscode vim and intellij vim. They try to replicate the modal editing style and many of the keyboard shortcuts found in Vim.

While NeoVim may not be the right choice for every programmer, Vim Motions offers many benefits for those who are looking for powerful, customizable, and efficient coding and text editing tasks, thus I encourage you to start with this amazing tool.

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